Gerasimenko Natalia

Gerasimenko Natalia

Birth Date:

Tbilisi, Georgia.

Gratuated from National Art Academy in Kiev

2011- Kiev- Fine Art Ukraine- Art Arsenal museum
2008- Kiev- Personal exhibition at “Suzirja” theatre
2005- Kiev- Art assambley exhibition “Golden Gates” “By Path of Fable”- Ukrainian House
2005- Lviv, Ivano-Frankivck- exhibition in “Levkasi of Ukraine” complex
2001-2003- New York, USA- Personal exhibitiom – “Glass place”
1998- Kiev- art assambley exhibition “ Golden gates” “Art in time and space”- Ukrainian House
1997,1998- Kiev- Exhibition “Black chamber” “Anator” “Syntez form” – Ukrainian House
1996- Sans, France- group Exhibition
1995- New York, USA- group exhibition “ Treasures of forgotten country”- Linkoln centre
1993- New York, USA- Personal exhibition- Ukrainian Institute of America
1992- Munich, Germany – personal exhibition
1992- Wien, Austria- group exhibition
1991- Bienale “Lviv91”
1990- Sweden “Marvingstone Hall” group exhibition of Ukrainian artist
1989- participant of group exhibition “The View” in Eastern Europe
1989- Tbilisi- personal exhibition- International Friendship” museum
1987- Kiev- Republicain exhibition at the Art union of Ukraine
Professional org attended:

Member of National assambley of Ukrainian Artists
Member of Art Union “Golden Gates”
Her pics are hold at Ministry of Culture of Russia and of Ukraine collections, National union of artists of Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, at numerous private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Italy, USA, Canada and so on.
Natalya Gerasimenko search for “Golden century”. What is the mainest for contemporary artist? Important is his art wish, understanding that he is free and independent person. As to me, says Natalya Gerasimnko, artist - it`s that one who creates beauty, kindness, who gives to people to feel love and harmony given us by God. In her creativity Natalya Gerasimenko calls to spririty, selfunderstanding as small part of Universe. Religion theme is normal for her world views.

In general, main theme for her is own dialog with life, conxidering about own place in it, connection with ground, with own nature given by God.

For example her work “ City Angel”. Drow

Image personificate God` wish and defence of her own life. That`s why in this person artist pictured some scenery, that symbolize her arrounding. In that way she underlined that angel – guard. The very first rhat fall in eye – her open mind, her kind wish, her freedom. She sails for creative intuition in searching for new forms. The work “ The Bridge over the universe”. What it is? Some kind of a model? Bridge over reality to Golden Century. Gresimenko arranges her own world composed with own style. She works in two ways – under reality or metaphore . When you look at her works you become happy by harmony of open colors and courage fecture. Gerasimenko says “ That is artist` destiny. You are given by time so try to search whole time and try to be on God` way of world` understanding.”

By Merab Chinhadze.



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