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…Moving to Northeast across Nicaragua and Haiti, the moon shadow rushed over Scotland, crossed the Atlantics, covered the Norvay and, through Finland, entered Rus. From the total solar eclipse of 1 May 1185 and other macabre omens to crying of Yaroslavna and meditations of adventurous prince — you've never seen The Tale of Igor's Campaign like this before…

Vladimir Polovets, the artist, used the author's style and a special font characteristic of the hand-written books of the period. Although the book contains the original text of the epic poem, first published officially in 1800, for the first time in history 'The Tale' is recreated from the scratch to give it back the cult status, crushed by an industrial press of the school program. So we have 500 collectable art editions, each one individually numbered, each one with the unique author's print.

It was 20 years work, and the timing of finish is symbolic: hystorical drama repeats in our days, there are battles in the steppes of Donetsk where the risky prince attacked polovets. Vladimir Polovets, if the surname can mean something, is the prince's countryman. He is better known and exhibited abroad, but it's time to be aknowledged. 'This is the ultimate slavic art-book', says Peter Pitkin, curator and Slavist.

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